About my Blog

I thought about starting a blog a couple of months ago but I only got the courage to actually pursue it recently. Writing has always been a hobby of mine but never been indulged. I always have an overactive imagination so sometimes when time permits I write stories. However, those stories were left unfinished and never been shown to others so I gave up writing few years ago. Instead, I started reading blogs about fashion. Then I realized that I’m not only interested in fashion but also in makeup, arts, architecture, designs, photography, history, literature, foods & lifestyle, personal blogs and any random stuff. I love reading blogs so much because I get inspired and learned a lot. My passion for writing and reading gave me the thought of starting my own personal blog.

I was having hard time thinking for a right name for my blog. Then I came up with Maybeitsaboutroro since this blog is everything about my loves and interests. And since I have a lot of things to say and I’m such a motor-mouth, I also wanted to write any random things. LOL

Creating this blog has one sole purpose: INSPIRE.

I want to inspire many people like those blogs I followed inspired me. When you inspire people that means they learned something from what you’ve written and that’s an important fact.

And there are also minor reasons why I made this blog.

I want to be comfortable with writing as much as I am with reading.

I want to learn a lot of things.

This blog serves as my personal journal, a safe haven from harsh realities and a legacy of what I’ve been doing with my life.

I’m so excited to meet many people from my blog. I also hope to acquaint myself to others with similar likes and interests as mine.

 So my readers and fellow bloggers, be gentle with me okay?



12 thoughts on “About my Blog

  1. Hello Roro! ❤ It's obvious that writing is your passion. Your blog contents are written really well and I like that you feature make-up products that's popular in the Philippines. It's not about the brand but the skills on how to wear one's make up! I am honestly a work in progress because as we call it in Japanese "menduksai" or "its a burden" to wear make-up. But for a personal style blogger like me, I have to try to complete my look or else I will look look tired especially that the pictures are taken right after work. Looking forward to your posts especially for a "makeup dummy" like me. I like your style! <3, Carey

    • Oh yes! I found out on you’re blog that you are also Filipina! I’m so happy because it’s rare for me to actually meet one here on WordPress, plus someone who are also in to make up and fashion (as I). May I know where in the Phil you came from? It was really nice meeting you. I’m a fan. Hope we could be friends. I know I would be learning a lot from you 🙂 kisses from roro

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  3. Thank you for liking and following my blog! And I’m sorry I couldn’t respond sooner — I’m traveling 🙂
    I like your writing style: numbering and questioning. These are one of the things I should definitely try! I hope you don’t have the patent 😉 I’m new to blogging too, so I’m still figuring out what’s the best. I’d like to hear your feedback. Feedback and comments are always appreciated! Nice to meet you, Roro!

    • Yes I’m a newbie and still fumbling my way around wordpress. I really like your blog and fashion style. And the pictures you take when you are traveling are just great. Thanks for sharing the exciting parts of your life Miss Chelsea! Pleasure to meet you also 🙂 kisses from roro

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