ELF Eyelid Primer

Eyes Lips Face, also known as e.l.f. Cosmetics, is an international cosmetics brand based in New York City. Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004, it sells products largely at $1, $3, and $5 price points.[4] Items include bath and skin-care products, mineral-based makeup, professional tools,[3]eyeliners, lipstick, glosses,[5][6]blushes, bronzers, brushes, and mascara, among others.[7]

source: Wikipedia

I’ve been reading great reviews about the ELF Eyelid Primer for a couple of months now. So decided to get one myself since its easily available in ou local SM mall for P129.75 ( $1). It was my first time to actually use an eyelid primer and I was aware how it’s essential in making the color of your eyeshadow appear more vibrant, helps avoid creasing and to have it last for many hours.  Thus, here’s my first impression.


It has 4 shades: Champaigne, Sheer, Pearl and Golden. I got the shade ‘Sheer’ cause it’s the only one available.The thing felt surprisingly light-weight (5ml) as though its empty. For a second, I thought I bought a defective one. But for a cheap product and for the sake of testing it out, I didn’t bother  buying  a new one.  It came with a simple packaging with its labels: functions, directions, ingredients and others.

The label claims:
sets eyeshadow for smoother, long-lasting, crease-proof
ultra sheer, nude color works to increase eye color longevity
lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into skin for comfortable wear

The container looks great and quite sturdy. Mine fell to the floor  numerous  times but was still intact.


It has a wand/brush-type applicator for easier use. It did had a funky smell  although just a tad faint and quite tolerable. I first tested the product on a small part of my hand. The consistency and color is as of a liquid concealer until you spread the product evenly; becomes a silky, creamy, powdery texture. I didn’t like the feel of it but it dries fast and I guess it helps the eyeshadow grab onto the primer for longer stay-power.

I applied a shimmering bronze/ baked golden eyeshadow on the area with the primer and another without it. I purposely chose a light, shimmery color of eyeshadow so I could see which one would appear more vivid.


With the primer, the shadow blended out smoothly and needed to put a little to make the color visible unlike the one without the primer I had to reapply many times still looked faint and sheer.
Referring to the image above, you can actually see the difference between the two. The eyeshadow with primer was much more vibrant than the other without it.

Another thing visible are the creases on my skin (when you zoom in) which is a contrast  of  what it claims nor its a primer’s function. Same thing happend after 2 or 3 hours  I used it on my lids for a night out (plus I have oily skin). Then the shadow became faded. Despite that,  it  did had a nice effect on the color of the shadow when I applied it, making it appear brighter.

The good:

  • packaging is quite sturdy.
  • helps the color of eyeshadow pop out.
  • easy to apply.
  • needs to a tiny amount for application.
  • blends out smoothly.
  • dries quickly.
  • available in ELF Stalls of local malls, SM Malls, Department stores.
  • Affordable for P125.75.

The bad:

  • longevity is unimpresssive.
  • made my lids crease after short hours.

It was a total let down for me since this product has been praised by many. I guess it also didn’t help that I have an oily face and I’m the type that sweats a lot. Still I think I’ll keep on trying  this and do some comparison with other eyelid primers of different brands.


source: eyeslipsface.co.uk

I also want to try out other ELF’s eye primers, especially the mineral-infused one (I heard it stays more than 8 hrs, zomg). We never know, maybe, I would find a better primer in one of them.

I’m giving ELF Eyelid Primer 2 Lips out of 5.


Have you tried ELF Eyelid Primer? Tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading!



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