Onto Beauty

How many times have you heard the words, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?
What do you think? Do you agree with it?
I, for one, will not tell ya what i think coz, I’m sure, you and I have different opinions.

Although, I do observe that; Beauty is given importance. A must and a plus. And its all about the ‘out’.

Unfortunately, we are living in an era where people are judged on how they look; from your shoes to your crowning ever glory. I’ve met people that literally would check you out from head and toe. Moreover they won’t even attempt to hide it. This may either lead to a good response or a bad one. A very bad one. Like hearing whispers behind you back, ‘What the hell is she wearing?’ or ‘She’s wearing too much makeup’. In result, you might be forced to make changes of yourself. Otherwise, a small compliment on how one looks good in skirts encourages self-improvement.

I grew up not knowing anything about fashion, style or how to dress myself properly. In fact, I still had my mom buy me clothes till high school. When I did try so pick some by myself, she would get annoyed and choose other items herself. In time, I became more aware of fashion. And it was until college that I finally could choose clothes that my mom approves and with style. By then, I was developing great interest in fashion. I watched fashion shows on TV, read magazines, follow notable fashion icons and browsed the internet for different styles. Until now, I’m into fashion and constantly look for inspirations that would help improve me. In fact, I used to aspire becoming a fashion designer one day. I even have a portfolio with few sketches in mind. Although, it’s not included in my career path, fashion will always be part of me.

Makeup became a necessity to me when I was also in college. Simple look of foundation, lipstick and a little eyeliner are my go-to essential for school or going out. I’m always impress with other girls when they’re wearing makeup like they got them done from parlors or salons. It always leave me wondering how the hell did they make a perfect cat eye or how they applied eye shadows, coz, girl it’s not as easy at it looks. When I graduated, I became obsessed with makeup products. I was influenced by reading magazines and watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. Though, I’m not a self-proclaimed make up artist, heck i don’t even know how to do my own face, I like learning how to apply make up and create different looks. So at the present, I’m studying hard about it from various beauty gurus from blogs and Youtube. All hail to the Internet! The biggest thing I’ve learned though: makeup enhances what you already have and not to turn you entirely into someone else.

I do think beauty starts from within. Like, you woke up one morning and you decided to trade out your oversize shirt for a tank top or used an eyeliner or wore a pink lipstick to class. I also think its something to do with one’s personality. Either we want to look pretty or we wish to get a response from this changes we made for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what age you are or sex. You just what to feel good both inside and out.

That’s why I dedicate this blog to those who, like me, are still on the verge of uncovering one’s beauty. Don’t change how you look because others say or do so. Change because it’s for you. So let’s learn together, ja?


4 thoughts on “Onto Beauty

  1. Such a interesting honest read. I agree with your opinions. We are surrounded in a media infused way of living. We all probably are aware of this but we still can’t help to be a part of this. X

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