Haul: San San Cosmetics


I’ve recently dropped by at one of my favourite cosmetics store, HBC (Hortaleza Beauty Center) to buy a few items. I’ve always been a frequent customer at HBC and already recognized by the employees there. I kept coming back to their store because they do sell great quality make-up products and offer various items from bath essentials to hair and skin care. Plus, the prices are so affordable. Another thing great about this cosmetics company is that not only is it available locally (Philippines) but it can also be found in few countries like in the US and can also shop their products online. If you want to know more about HBC, visit their official website or Facebook page.


I’ve always wanted to try some San San products ever since I read positive reviews from different Filipino/ Pinay beauty blogs. By the way, San San Cosmetics is one of the brands which HBC sell.

Sansan-1249703607259San San

The Make-up with Vitamins. San San cosmetics are enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, commonly known as anti-oxidants that nourish, protect and give a healthy look to the skin.
source: hbc.com.ph

What I usually buy from San San are the nail polishes. They’re available in so many colors to choose from and comes with a large container (12ml) that would really last for months and for a reasonable price of $0.95/ P37. Since I like them so much and I’m such a hoarder, I plan to buy all colors available. 😀


I seldom use mascara and only wear them on occasions or special days. I like San San Waterproof Mascara because it has Vitamin C & E and I do notice changes from my eyelashes. It became elongated and thickened which made me see that I don’t need to wear mascara everyday. It contains 4g, sell at $2.50/ P99 and available in two colors: black and brown.


Of course when you wear mascara you have to curl your lashes. And I curl mine using San San Eyelash Curler. I really like this curler because it’s sturdy and easy to use for a very low price of less than $1/ P55.

IMG_3082 small

I’m so happy that I finally got my hands on San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. This was one of the products I’ve been excited to try since I read some of the reviews about it. It’s so easy to use since its felt- tip type and so inexpensive for a less than a dollar/ P85. I’ll post an in-depth review about this next time.


I also have been meaning to try San San’s BB Cream. The product claims that it: lightens dark spots, nourishes skin, protects it from sun damage and has antioxidant. It sells for about $3.50/ P149.75. I’ll get this more into detail on my next posts.


Lastly, I got myself the San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation. I haven’t use matte foundations before so very I’m excited to test this out. It says it contains Vitamin A, C & E and weighs about 30ml. I got the shade 02 and bought it for $3/ P132. I’ll also post a complete review on this soon.


So that concludes my San San Haul. I can’t wait to try out the products and make a review of some of them. This is my first haul post I’ve written, I hoped you enjoyed and learned from it. I really had fun making this so, I guess, see you on my next hauls 🙂

Have you been in any HBC store yet?
Tried San San Cosmetics?
What’s your favorite product?



6 thoughts on “Haul: San San Cosmetics

    • Thank Ms Simona! I visited your blog and I’ve really enjoyed when I started reading it. I love the Mom and Daughters Outfit and little Fiammetta is so fashionably adorable! I also simply adore your style. I hope to be inspired and learn from you. And to see more of little Fiammi! (i just super adore kids 🙂 )

      Thank you so much! ❤

  1. I have tried their BB Cream but sad to say that it was too dark for me and they don’t have another shade.

    I like the blue nail polish. 🙂

    • Yes I do agree with you on that. But I find it extremely wasteful to throw away such a product so I managed (sort of) to worked the dark shade on my skin by applying either a lighter foundation (I use San San Matte) or powder (Maybelline). LOL I love San San Nail Polish. Thanks for dropping by my blog d3dawn! Really appreciate it, kisses

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