About the name

Hi, I’m Roro Diane. I’m 22 years old from the Philippines. My real name is Diana Rose Cajes but I go by the name ‘Roro’. I started to call myself that since I was in high school. People would ask me why ‘Roro’. Others would assume I got the word from the two letters of my middle name which is ‘Rose’ or the fact that where I came from that word denotes two separate meanings; Roro as a type of boat and Roro as a person that is unlucky or hopeless. The real meaning of my nickname ‘Roro’ is the latter. I’m very well known as the clumsy type by both my family and friends. I always had this ‘unfortunate events’ happening around me. But the great thing about them is at the end of the day, I just laugh them off. Those hilarious moments of my life what made me the kind of person today. I like it when people just call Roro, from friends to strangers; and it’s not because I’m proud of my funny mistakes but because of these series of comical unfortunate events, I get to know myself more and more. So let’s be friends and call me Roro, okay?

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