Cakelovin’ at Rafabel’s

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On birthdays or in any cause for celebration, it’s our family’s tradition to buy cakes. Sometimes, we spice the occasion a little by adding a sparkling champagne or a vintage red wine (cheaper version :)). We’ve got extreme sweet tooth especially me and I never get enough chocolates or candies since I was a child which is one reason why I was always in and out of the dentist’s office. But now I got older, I moderate myself eating them since I found out that I’m prone with sore throats or mild tonsillitis or whatever happens to my tonsils when I abuse it with sweets. Also, us girls has to watch our figure, don’t you agree? Though, it never helps when you’re at the withdrawal stage where you’re craving, craving and craving.

One of our favourite hangouts (my sister and I) is the Rafabel’s Pasta, Shakes, Cakes, and Pastries. What we usually order there are the cakes. I like it because there’s a lot to choose from. So my sister and I made it a mission to try them all.

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