Haul: San San Cosmetics


I’ve recently dropped by at one of my favourite cosmetics store, HBC (Hortaleza Beauty Center) to buy a few items. I’ve always been a frequent customer at HBC and already recognized by the employees there. I kept coming back to their store because they do sell great quality make-up products and offer various items from bath essentials to hair and skin care. Plus, the prices are so affordable. Another thing great about this cosmetics company is that not only is it available locally (Philippines) but it can also be found in few countries like in the US and can also shop their products online. If you want to know more about HBC, visit their official website or Facebook page.


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Nichido Girls Night Out: Eye Contour and Gorgeous Eye Pencil

Nichido is a makeup brand I’ve discovered by fault. I got unquestionably lured by the wide array of products, the sleek looks, striking colors and its affordable prices (less than P100/ $1 and up). I’m not sure where the brand originated or have any idea about their company profile but one of the products has ‘Made in Czech’ indicated on its label (maybe that’s where it came from). I did google the brand to find their official website, but alas, I didn’t find one except a Facebook page which wasn’t of any help at all.

I’ve been using their products for years now without knowing the story of Nichido and sometimes it bothers me since I’ve been applying their products on my face. That’s how conscious I am.  What about you? Are you like that too? LoL

Anyway, I was totally in love with Nichido’s eye pencils. What caught my eye was the variety of colors it has: bronze, light pink, blue, violet, etc.

And I have three of them: Blackest Black, Pink Diamond and Bronze Glow (most fave).


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