About my Blog

I thought about starting a blog a couple of months ago but I only got the courage to actually pursue it recently. Writing has always been a hobby of mine but never been indulged. I always have an overactive imagination so sometimes when time permits I write stories. However, those stories were left unfinished and never been shown to others so I gave up writing few years ago. Instead, I started reading blogs about fashion. Then I realized that I’m not only interested in fashion but also in makeup, arts, architecture, designs, photography, history, literature, foods & lifestyle, personal blogs and any random stuff. I love reading blogs so much because I get inspired and learned a lot. My passion for writing and reading gave me the thought of starting my own personal blog.

I was having hard time thinking for a right name for my blog. Then I came up with Maybeitsaboutroro since this blog is everything about my loves and interests. And since I have a lot of things to say and I’m such a motor-mouth, I also wanted to write any random things. LOL

Creating this blog has one sole purpose: INSPIRE.

I want to inspire many people like those blogs I followed inspired me. When you inspire people that means they learned something from what you’ve written and that’s an important fact.

And there are also minor reasons why I made this blog.

I want to be comfortable with writing as much as I am with reading.

I want to learn a lot of things.

This blog serves as my personal journal, a safe haven from harsh realities and a legacy of what I’ve been doing with my life.

I’m so excited to meet many people from my blog. I also hope to acquaint myself to others with similar likes and interests as mine.

 So my readers and fellow bloggers, be gentle with me okay?




About the Name

My real name is Diana Rose, nicknamed Diane but here in the blogosphere I go by the name ‘Roro’ (pronounce as roh-row).

I started to call myself that since I was in high school. People would ask me why ‘Roro’. Others would assume I got the word from the two letters of my middle name which is ‘Rose’ or the fact that where I came from that word denotes two separate meanings; Roro as a type of boat and Roro as a person that is unlucky or hopeless.

The real meaning of my nickname ‘Roro’ is the latter. I’m very well known as the clumsy type by both my family and friends. I always had this ‘unfortunate events’ happening around me.

But the great thing about them is at the end of the day, I just laugh them off. Those hilarious moments of my life what made me the kind of person today.

I like it when people just call me Roro, from friends to strangers; and it’s not because I’m proud of my funny mistakes but because of these series of comical unfortunate events, I get to know myself more and more. So let’s be friends and call me Roro, okay?