About the Name

My real name is Diana Rose, nicknamed Diane but here in the blogosphere I go by the name ‘Roro’ (pronounce as roh-row).

I started to call myself that since I was in high school. People would ask me why ‘Roro’. Others would assume I got the word from the two letters of my middle name which is ‘Rose’ or the fact that where I came from that word denotes two separate meanings; Roro as a type of boat and Roro as a person that is unlucky or hopeless.

The real meaning of my nickname ‘Roro’ is the latter. I’m very well known as the clumsy type by both my family and friends. I always had this ‘unfortunate events’ happening around me.

But the great thing about them is at the end of the day, I just laugh them off. Those hilarious moments of my life what made me the kind of person today.

I like it when people just call me Roro, from friends to strangers; and it’s not because I’m proud of my funny mistakes but because of these series of comical unfortunate events, I get to know myself more and more. So let’s be friends and call me Roro, okay?




Onto Beauty

How many times have you heard the words, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?
What do you think? Do you agree with it?
I, for one, will not tell ya what i think coz, I’m sure, you and I have different opinions.

Although, I do observe that; Beauty is given importance. A must and a plus. And its all about the ‘out’.

Unfortunately, we are living in an era where people are judged on how they look; from your shoes to your crowning ever glory. I’ve met people that literally would check you out from head and toe. Moreover they won’t even attempt to hide it. This may either lead to a good response or a bad one. A very bad one. Like hearing whispers behind you back, ‘What the hell is she wearing?’ or ‘She’s wearing too much makeup’. In result, you might be forced to make changes of yourself. Otherwise, a small compliment on how one looks good in skirts encourages self-improvement.

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