About my Blog

I thought about starting a blog a couple of months ago but I only got the courage to actually pursue it recently. Writing has always been a hobby of mine but never been indulged. I always have an overactive imagination so sometimes when time permits I write stories. However, those stories were left unfinished and never been shown to others so I gave up writing few years ago. Instead, I started reading blogs about fashion. Then I realized that I’m not only interested in fashion but also in makeup, arts, architecture, designs, photography, history, literature, foods & lifestyle, personal blogs and any random stuff. I love reading blogs so much because I get inspired and learned a lot. My passion for writing and reading gave me the thought of starting my own personal blog.

I was having hard time thinking for a right name for my blog. Then I came up with Maybeitsaboutroro since this blog is everything about my loves and interests. And since I have a lot of things to say and I’m such a motor-mouth, I also wanted to write any random things. LOL

Creating this blog has one sole purpose: INSPIRE.

I want to inspire many people like those blogs I followed inspired me. When you inspire people that means they learned something from what you’ve written and that’s an important fact.

And there are also minor reasons why I made this blog.

I want to be comfortable with writing as much as I am with reading.

I want to learn a lot of things.

This blog serves as my personal journal, a safe haven from harsh realities and a legacy of what I’ve been doing with my life.

I’m so excited to meet many people from my blog. I also hope to acquaint myself to others with similar likes and interests as mine.

 So my readers and fellow bloggers, be gentle with me okay?